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    Beijing Construction and Real Estate Attorneys Net (the scope of legal services is within mainland China ), is constructed by Wang Guozhang, who is the partner of Beijing ZHONGYIN Law Firm, and his teams composed of a number of senior lawyers: Guo Jing, Wu Xiuxuan, Qi YanWei, Su RongJian, Liu Guojun, Yang Zhichang, Zhou Jiancheng etc. This Net is a developmental network legal services platform, focus on construction engineering, real estate development business, land, property and corporate law; and focus on the industry development trends, Research on the theory and practice, the lawyers agency about the above law. The website main body license number: Beijing ICP No. 14040299, website registration number: Beijing ICP No 14040299-1.
    Beijing Construction and Real Estate Attorneys Net, with the basic idea is advocating morality and trustworthy, the objective is to provide professional, precise and efficient legal service and to win customer recognition and reputation, is committed to be one of China's most popular brand of real estate legal services. The lawyers of Wang Guozhang team are graduated from Chinese University of Political Science and Law, Chinese People University, Beijing Normal University, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, such as key university of law. Their undergraduate course is Legal science specialized. Every of them is familiar with the mastery and application of real estate law, finance law, property law, company law, contract law and other real estate related; and has rich experience in legal practice in the field of real estate.